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Status of the Afghanistan Online University

The Afghanistan Online University (AOU) is currently in the process of being established. Adequate funding for the university has not been granted yet. Therefore, enrollment in the study and certificate programs is currently not possible. Please refrain from sending corresponding inquiries.

If you wish to support the establishment of the university with a donation, please direct your donation, specifying “Donation to Afghanistan Online University,” to the World University Service Germany.

We hope to provide educational opportunities to women in Afghanistan through our planned university as soon as possible.

If you would like to actively participate or have any other concerns, please use our contact form.

Who we are?

The Afghanistan Online University (AOU) is a Germany-based institution that offers high-quality education and research opportunities by and for Afghans and anyone interested in studies relevant to Afghanistan.


The Afghanistan Online University (AOU) is striving for peace and prosperity through high-quality education for Afghan women in and outside Afghanistan.


Afghanistan Online University is committed to academic excellence, setting the standard in terms of teaching, research, services and extension education for the benefit of the citizens of Afghanistan.

An initiative of the

Principles & Values

  • Flexibility and Objectivity

    AOU’s state-of-the-art dynamicity is responsive to the needs of the science, technology and higher education sectors of Afghanistan

  • Accessibility

    The AOU is committed to serving all Afghans, irrespective of racial, ethnic, and gender biasness.

  • Respect

    Mutual Respect and Inclusion

  • Excellence

    AOU is committed to quality education and research.

  • Responsibility

    Promote civic engagement and responsibility

  • Innovation

    Encourage and reward innovation

  • Excellence

    Support excellence in education and research

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